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Grocery Retail

ACE Bakery has over 15 years experience in helping retailers launch and maintain successful artisan bread programs.

Our wide selection of differentiated and innovative breads enables you to tailor an offering precisely targeted to your market. We can also assist you in establishing efficient in-store baking systems and high-impact merchandising plans.

ACE’s value proposition is based on these clear advantages –
  • A broad selection of the highest quality products with extraordinary consumer appeal
  • A flexible manufacturing platform to ensure responsiveness to customer needs
  • A customer-centric organization led by experienced management
  • Extensive R&D and insight into consumer and industry trends.

ACE Branded Artisan Bread Program

  • Our program generates industry-leading sales of in-store branded artisan breads
  • Our competitively priced products provide your customers with a super-premium product at a great value

Own Brands Product Development

  • We are an industry leader with a diversified customer base across North America
  • Our team has successfully transitioned and grown the business of our new customers
  • We have a proven ability to deliver value against key retailer financial metrics with a continual focus on efficiency and margin management

Shelf-Stable Programs

For more information, please contact ACE Bakery at 416-241-3600 or

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“ACE Bakery’s fabulous baguettes and artisan breads have sparked something of a revolution in the bread aisle at Canadian supermarkets.”

Ron Eade
Ottawa Citizen