Tomato Focaccia Lunga | Focaccia Lunga with Tomatoes
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Tomato Focaccia Lunga

Tomato Foccacia Lunga

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of biting into a sweet cocktail tomato, you know why we chose it for our Tomato Focaccia Lunga. The rich red colour is matched by a delightfully juicy flavour. When paired with our special dough made with the finest sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and two natural starters, it’s a bread lover’s dream come true. Slightly crispy on the outside. Soft and chewy on the inside. Wonderfully flavourful in every bite.  


Unbleached wheat flour, water, Campari tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, herbs, sea salt, malted barley flour, yeast.


Wheat, barley.

May Contain

Almonds, eggs, hazelnuts, milk, pecans, sesame seeds, soy, walnuts.

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