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Multigrain Gourmet Bun

Gourmet Multigrain Burger Bun

With steel-cut oats and chia seeds on the outside, and layers of millet, flax, and sunflower seeds on the inside, our ACE® Multigrain Gourmet Bun has a soft, slightly nutty bite.

Serving Inspiration

From a simple classic beef burger, to a hearty scoop of egg salad, this wholesome burger bun makes the perfect partner.


Unbleached wheat flour, water, sunflower oil, stone ground whole grain whole wheat flour, multigrain and seed blend (millet, sunflower seeds, amaranth, flax seeds, soft wheat flakes, organic Kamut® flakes), liquid whole eggs, durum wheat semolina, cane sugar, chia seeds, sesame seeds, steel cut oats, salt, rolled oats, yeast, malted barley flour.


Wheat, eggs, oats, sesame seeds, barley.

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