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Garlic Demi-Baguette

BYO Garlic Bread

Crispy frozen garlic bread topped with an unforgettable blend of roasted garlic, soft butter, olive oil drizzle, and a handful of fragrant herbs. Our traditional baguettes are sliced in half and marinated generously to create this addictive garlic bread. Frozen and ready to be cooked and enjoyed.

The garlic bread you are about to enjoy has been partially baked
and flash frozen at ACE Bakery®. Do not defrost before baking.
Remove from packaging. Wrap whole frozen loaf in aluminum foil and place on a
baking tray on the middle rack of a 230°C (450°F) oven for 9 –12 minutes. Remove foil.
Using a bread knife and kitchen tongs, open the baguette, cut sides facing up.
Open carefully as bread will be hot. Return to oven and bake for
another 9–12 minutes or until edges are golden brown.
Remove from oven and let rest for 5 minutes before eating.



Unbleached wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, malted barley flour.
Garlic spread: Butter, extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, water, parsley, oregano, basil.


Barley, milk, wheat.

May Contain

Almonds, eggs, pecans, sesame seeds, soy, walnuts.

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