Brie and Green Apple Grilled Cheese on ACE Bakery Cranberry Focaccia | Grilled Cheese Recipe by ACE Bakery
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Brie and Green Apple Grilled Cheese

on ACE® Cranberry Raisin Focaccia

ACE Bakery Brie and Green Apple Grilled Cheese

Brie, green apples, and slices of ACE® Cranberry Raisin  Focaccia - this grilled cheese is the perfect way to elevate your everyday lunch! 

Prep Time: 8 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes 
Total time: 13 minutes 



  1. Slice ACE® Focaccia in ½” slices lengthwise, lightly butter one side each slice.
  2. On other side of bread, spread a very thin layer of grainy mustard, and add sliced brie and green apple.
  3. Griddle the sandwich in a pre-heated pan over medium heat, butter side down, until golden and cheese melted, approx. 2 minutes per side. Enjoy immediately.