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Brioche Gourmet Hamburger Bun

Sweet buttery buns make for fully indulgent, restaurant-style burgers! Our ACE Bakery® Brioche Gourmet Buns are made with delicious ingredients including real butter and eggs for a soft interior and golden crown.

Serving Inspiration

Use it as the base for an ultimate beef burger, topped with blue cheese and caramelized onions.


Unbleached wheat flour, Water, Liquid whole eggs, Cane sugar, Butter, Durum wheat semolina, Liquid egg yolks, Liquid eggwhites, Salt, Yeast, Turmeric, Ascorbic acid, Rice flour (for dusting).


Wheat, Eggs, Milk.

May Contain

Almonds, Pecans, Sesame seeds, Soy, Walnuts.

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