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Crisps & Croutons


Crostino is the Italian term for "crouton". ACE Crostino croutons are delicious in salads, but it doesn't stop there! They work wonders as a garnish on soups and baked pasta, in stuffings, or as a snack straight out of the bag.

Mini Baguette Crisps

ACE® Mini Baguette Crisps. Snack? Cracker? Hors d’oeuvre? It’s up to you. However you enjoy them, you’ll find that ACE® Mini Crisps pack a lot of fun and flavour into a small space.

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Large Baguette Crisps

We start with one of our famous baguettes, slice it thinly, season it with wonderful flavours and then toast it to perfection. You can pair Artisan Crisps with dips or a tapenade, serve them with cheeses and soups, or use them as the basis of brilliant hors d’oeuvres.

Where to Buy ACE® Near You