Olive Focaccia Lunga | Focaccia Lunga with Olives
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Olive Focaccia Lunga

Olive Focaccia Lunga

In Italy, this type of bread is known as stecca (stick). We call our version Olive Focaccia Lunga and dedicate it to olive lovers everywhere. We discovered these enormous and delicious green olives in the Greek Islands and married them with dough made with the finest sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and two natural starters. Slightly crispy on the outside. Soft and chewy on the inside. Wonderfully flavourful in every bite.


Unbleached wheat flour, water, green olives (olives, water, salt, vinegar), extra virgin olive oil, salt, thyme, sea salt, malted barley flour, yeast.


Wheat, barley.

May Contain

Almonds, eggs, hazelnuts, milk, pecans, sesame seeds, soy, walnuts.

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